Information about stablebookings

How it works

How does Stablebookings work?

You rent stables from people who have spare stables on their yard - by advertising on Stablebookings, they confirm they want to make this space available to you. Yard owners get paid for the rentals.  Everyone ends up happy, most of all, your horse(s)!  

Want to get paid to rent out a stable or two (or more) from Stablebookings?  You can do that too.  Just Sign Up and "Advertise your stable."  

What if there aren't any stables listed where I want to go? 

Tell us!  We'll search for yards in that area and invite the owners to sign up to Stablebookings. Alternatively, if you find a yard that you think should be on Stablebookings, use the "Invite new members" link at the top of every page and send them a note, asking them to get involved.

How much should I charge to rent out a stable?

The minimum nightly rental is set at £25. Thereafter, you set the rate at whatever makes it worthwhile for you. 

Things to keep in mind: how much would you be happy to pay to keep your horse, in your stable? What facilities, beside a stable do you offer? How frequently are your stables being rented? But most of all, what's really worthwhile for you?

What does it cost - renting a stable:

It's totally free to browse the site and you only pay, when you book a stable. You pay the per-night price, set by the stable owner - there are no other fees. You can pay for your rentals using all major credit cards and PayPal. 

What does it cost - renting out your stable:

To rent out your stable, create a user account. Then, follow the instructions to list your space - you do need a PayPal account, to collect rental payments.

Set your per-night rate - the minimum charge is set at £25.
Stablebookings charge a minimum of £5 per booking, or 10% of the total booking fee (if it's above the £5 threshold). PayPal charge a small % to process the payment. The rest is yours to keep.
We use PayPal, to give you the widest choice of payment options. They accept all major credit card and debit cards and we have built their payment gateway into the Satblebookings site. 
Who can join Stablebookings?
Anyone!  But remaining a member is not guaranteed...  We continually check through reviews, transactions and listings in order to maintain legitimacy, trust and member integrity.  We think Stablebookings is a great tool for the equine community, but we need your help to make sure that the right people are involved. We want to maintain a fantastic standard for people and their horses, on both sides of the rental equation.

When we've made a booking, what happens next?

When you confirm a booking, you will receive contact details of all the people involved. We suggest reaching out to them and organising the finer details.